The cutting edge


Not the comedy film directed by Paul Glaser. Iam serious about this one. What really is the cutting edge?

My friend and I were having a small chat over coffee in our cafeteria? I listened to him when he talked about novelty devices flooding the market with ‘cutting edge technologies’. I asked him an obvious question, ‘What is meant by cutting-edge?’ He said, ‘Well, new and futuristic technologies!’

Does ‘cutting-edge’ really mean new and futuristic technology? Pretty hard to digest that!

I set out to find it out on my own.

A blade has a cutting-edge. Bleeding technology. I read that somewhere. I heard that from someone.

But, why is ‘technology’ associated with ‘cutting-edge’? Does it have anything to do with a blade? Does it? Pretty intriguing though!

After a lot of Googling, Wikiing and Cuillng I hit several sites and articles and read through reams of pages online. The cutting-edge was cutting through my brain.

One interesting site I visited was known as Anti-Knowledge ( The way they’ve tried to explain various facets of knowledge was interesting.

It says, ‘Knowledge is not a clean sphere, but is a jagged structure defined by the cutting edge.’

Well, pretty close though to ‘cutting edge’! Sigh!

Further, it says, ‘The cutting edge is advancing at different rates across different disciplines of thought. For example, physics may be progressing at a faster rate than biology, but eventually all must come into ‘one.’

With new knowledge learnt, new questions arise, which in turn needs answers. New questions. New answers. The cycle continues and might eventually get full circle.

At times we, as humanity, are posed with challenging problems. The problems are surely new. We answers then need to be new. The thought processes needs to be new. Imagination must be radical. Out of the box. A small box. More outside. Less inside. Questions rising at a frenzied rate. Answers being shot with equal frenzy. More questions more answers. Less ambiguity. Clear, concise, accurate, sharp, cutting edge!

Did we say ‘cutting edge’?

Yes! We did!

Cutting edge of knowledge. Products are created out of knowledge. Out of knowing what is needed. Out of understanding human actions and reactions.

If human needs is a question, a well thought out product whose use rides purely on human intuition is the answer: A cutting edge product demonstrating a cutting edge technology.


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