Being practical


 Being practical

Brought about only by our senses,
A feeling of reality,
Of what we feel real, is indeed, unreal,
Made manifest by our very own illusions.

Of how could you pick a dream from the reality,
The duo feels just the same,
One brings about pain and joy,
The other one does the same.

Harder than the thought,
Harder than the action,
Harder than what we know of,
But, indeed a lot sublime.

Of what we feel unreal is perhaps real,
Brought about by our internal visions,
A product of our gut and feelings,
In the end, that must always be real.

What is external to us we cannot control,
But, what is in our hearts, we can.
What is unreal is destined to go,
What is real will endure.

                                        – Uruj Kohari

It shouldn’t matter to anyone in this world whether I am angry or not. Especially, when I were to think from a ‘practical’ perspective. Also, in the same breath, I should not worry about others and their anger on me, if seen from the same perspective. Perhaps, I must only stick to being practical. Perhaps, that’s what the life wants from me. Perhaps, the circumstances push me to believe that. But, the question is: What is being “practical”, or the extent of being practical.

Maybe, my thoughts are becoming practical now. Maybe I am becoming practical. I wish I was practical all my life. But, as they say, ‘it’s never too late’.

A lot has happened and a lot has changed over the time. I am not sure if the change have been for good or they have been for bad. But, things have indeed changed and I only hope it has changed for the better. Revelations after revelations of who others are or who I am and the context of our relations with all around us have casted my thoughts into a rather solid frame.

Maybe one of the reasons for an immediate illusion of change in me is the fact that I have lost a wonderful soul in the form of a 9 year old littile girl, a cousin of mine and her mother in a motor accident few days back leaving her dad crippled physically and emotionally. He has his house but not the home he would like to return to after his major operation. He will search for his wife and his daughter after he wakes up. And, worse, he may not like to see that house let alone step in it. For now, doctors are having hard time collecting his bone splinters and fitting them like a jig-saw puzzle. Medical science will bring about healing to his body but what will happen to his soul? Who will join his shattered dreams? There is no science or methods ever invented that will rescue him now.

This is indeed life without any warnings. We are here and we will go. We just don’t know when or how. So, it makes sense to live a practical life. At least that will help when people go away from you. At least we are not stranded. At least we do not have to worry about our emotional walking stick.

On the flip side, we are social animals and we have our emotions; all of us. Indeed, we get angry and also we share our joys and sorrows with those souls whom we call ‘ours’, those that are closest to our hearts, those for whom we die and those for whom we live. Here, being practical is bit confusing: we are social with others or we are just like stones and yet we claim to be practical. Stones are devoid of emotions and they don’t care. Being social is about caring and being cared.

Sometimes, I feel like doing role-plays; of a social animal or at times of that of a stone. Both of them extreme and that’s bad. Nevertheless, I must stick to being practical – yet not knowing what practical really means in my context – while eventually starting to ignore what is not mine or what never was mine!

Indeed, I want peace for everyone and myself. However, what has not changed is my practicality. Somehow, I still ensure that I keep my ego behind and put others before me as much as I can. Simply because ‘being human’ side of practicality is considerably more beautiful and elegant than the stone side of being practical.

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